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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baan Nok Kamin Foundation

The foundation "Baan Nok Kamin" was
established by OMF - missionary Erwin Groebli in 1985
he came to Thailand with the desire to share the good
news of Jesus Chirst with the middle and upperclass
of Bangkok. But had different plan.

It started small.....
Erwin got to know some streetboys whom he
took in to live with him. More children joined and the
first house was rented. Some students who were
interested in this work , helped to look after the boys
and are still staff members at Baan Nok kamin.

After a few year one "family" move to Sukhothai in
central Thailand. Far away from the big city , Baan -
Nok Kamin was started there, first with one, later with
a second "family"

In a drug rehabilitation center with around 20-30 adults
< men and women > opened in wiang Papaw, North of
Thailand, as well as ahome for abused girls in
Chiang Mai / North Thailand. They are all under the
administation of Baan Nok Kamin.

LINK...Baan Nok Kamin Foundation