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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Foundation For Rehabilitation

In mid-1997 Thailand experienced an economic fallout. Millions of workers lost their jobs and had to return to their hometowns, where there was no work. Dr. Amporn felt he had to put off retirement and return to his life of helping others. So he turned to his friends and some same minded individuals to form a new organization with initial support from his own retirement income. They called it the FOUNDATION FOR REHABILITATION & DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY, hence, FORDEC. The foundation was formed on Saturday, February 14, 1998, St. Valentine's Day to realize and extend Love symbolized by St. Valentine and transformed into action to bring about the material and spiritual needs to all distressed to uplift their living conditions in human dignity. The word "Dec" in Thai means "child". So "FORDEC" means "For the sake of a child!"
The Foundation has taken the motto: "One's love and concern; for all distressed". This includes children, youth, families, the aged, handicapped, homeless, wanderers, drug addicts, the abused; in other words, all those in distress.

LINK...Foundation For Rehabilitation & Development of Children and Family (FORDEC)

Youth Football Home (Phuket)

Youth Football Home (Phuket) Foundation is a registered charity in Thailand.

Our aim is to establish a loving home for orphaned and destitute boys. The boys receive comprehensive education at good local schools. They also enjoy daily coaching and training from fully qualified coaches in the game of football.

The Youth Football Home is built on 8 rai of land in the town of Thalang (about 150 metres from Wat Muang Komaraphat) on Phuket Island consisting of a dormitory home for 32 boys, a residential building for staff and a full size football field plus training areas.

LINK...Youth Football Home (Phuket)

Baan Nok Kamin Foundation

The foundation "Baan Nok Kamin" was
established by OMF - missionary Erwin Groebli in 1985
he came to Thailand with the desire to share the good
news of Jesus Chirst with the middle and upperclass
of Bangkok. But had different plan.

It started small.....
Erwin got to know some streetboys whom he
took in to live with him. More children joined and the
first house was rented. Some students who were
interested in this work , helped to look after the boys
and are still staff members at Baan Nok kamin.

After a few year one "family" move to Sukhothai in
central Thailand. Far away from the big city , Baan -
Nok Kamin was started there, first with one, later with
a second "family"

In a drug rehabilitation center with around 20-30 adults
< men and women > opened in wiang Papaw, North of
Thailand, as well as ahome for abused girls in
Chiang Mai / North Thailand. They are all under the
administation of Baan Nok Kamin.

LINK...Baan Nok Kamin Foundation

Foundation for Slum Child Care

We want to improve the Quality of Life for babies and young children in the slums of Bangkok.

Slum communities are formed through the migration of the rural poor into urban Bangkok who carry with them the belief that they will find jobs and better lives. With nowhere to live, they build their homes wherever they find space. Many find work, but this is usually unstable and underpaid. Many are unable to break out of life in the slums.

Most communities are now long established, extremely crowded and deprived of all but the most basic provisions. Children grow up without access to proper care, nourishment or basic education. They are exposed to assault and abuse, both mentally and physically, in an environment where drugs and crime are prevalent.

LINK...Foundation for Slum Child Care

Child's Dream

It all started many years ago with an urge to help the less-privileged in our society unconditionally. Over the years, the urge developed into an idea and then into Child’s Dream. Our organization has been brought to life by a circle of friends with one common goal; helping underprivileged children in the 'Mekong Sub-Region', which includes Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. This region is at the core of many humanitarian crises such as human trafficking, drug smuggling, child prostitution and the spread of HIV / AIDS.

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Baan Unrak

Our homeschool in Sangklaburi for the children of Baan Unrak has two teaching positions open for next year. One kindergarden and one first grade position are available to Thai nationals (English abilities a plus) with proper teaching credentials and most importantly, the deep desire to teach within the Neo-Humanist philosophy. Applicants should be spiritually minded, vegetarian, and willing to teach in such a way that nurtures the whole child mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We want teachers who are willing to step outside the book and bring their classes to life with art, music, dance, drama, inner and social reflection. If you think this is a teaching position for you, and you want to know more about Neo-Humanist Education, please contact us immediately.

LINK...Baan Unrak


How we came about

"Moo Baan Dek is a living alternative education and a community. Its environment is arranged to help poor children from even the most difficult backgrounds to learn to love themselves and society. The children learn from nature and their immediate environment. They grow up in a warm and loving atmosphere in which they find understanding and freedom plentiful. Their learning can take place at any corner of this natural school, 70% of which is covered with cultivable land and forest, and is not confined to small classrooms. The school's underlying philosophy is very close to that of A.S. Neill's Summerhill School in England, although Buddhist elements are incorporated. At Moo Baan Dek, children can choose whether or not to attend class or any activities. Most major decision making is collectively made through the School Council meeting, which takes place on Friday afternoons. The school is privately run on donation from individuals in Thailand through the Foundation for Children. We provide everything basics free of charge for these poor children."


Duang Prateep Foundation

Origins of the Duang Prateep Foundation

In the nineteen sixties one Klong Toey Slum dweller was a teenage girl working on the docks to pay her way through a teacher training college.

Prateep Ungsongtham had spent only four years at primary school but this was enough to show her that education could transform lives. As a 12-year-old worker she began to save from her meagre wages to pay for secondary education at night school. She was awarded a place at a college of education and, since there were no schools for the slum children, she decided to open one herself at her home in the slum.

She soon found that much of her time was spent helping the children and their families cope with the conditions of slum life rather than formal teaching. Her prime educational concern was giving these deprived families some belief in themselves and hope for the future.

When they were threatened with eviction, Prateep's neighbours asked her to put their case to the landowner, the government and the news media. It was a formidable task for a slum girl not yet 20, but she rose to it triumphantly. This was to be the first, unexpected step in a career of public service on behalf of the urban poor. It was to bring Prateep the Magsaysay and Rockefeller awards that enabled her to establish the Duang Prateep Foundation, as well as gaining her the trust of both slum people and the Government.

LINK...Duang Prateep Foundation

The Education for Development Foundation (EDF)

EDF History and Mission

Poverty means not just a lack of money but a lack of opportunities. Many children have to leave school and find their way in the workforce in order to support their families. Without proper education, the quality of rural human resources will be less competitive in the future.

LINK...The Education for Development Foundation (EDF)